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VIPER & TSA Naked Body Scanners: It's Not Just About Flying!

TSA is expanding into VIPER which will take their road-show to the bus terminals and train stations of America and that will end freedom of movement throughout the nation. But there's the part that few have actually noticed. Up until now these procedures have only been publicly used at the airports and at a few bus terminals: But the plan is to use them at all government offices as well. That might sound tame but think about that for one silent minute! That means that every time you have to go to court, to the police station or the tax office you will be subjected to Chertoff's-Curse and in most of those cases there will be NO ALTERNATIVE to the scanner and the pat-down; because if you do not appear at the government office-then guess what-It's jail or worse! You see this has never been just about flying which TSA says is "not a right but a privilege" which they can disallow at will. So if Americans do not stop this continuing molestation and invasion of our fundamental rights: Then very soon there will be no alternative whatsoever to protect people from this virtually unlimited snooping and scanning and molestation that will be carried out by VIPER-Teams all over the country-and it will no longer matter why you will be subjected to these searches-the very fact that you disagree with them will be enough to jail you on the spot.

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