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The TSA Is Out Of Control


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Comment by David McElroy
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 Of course it will only get worse! Government always moves in increments, scientifically analyzing the results of each step they make upon our backs, studying our reactions. Then they take another step, and another....  They don't know when to quit! It is high time we showed them, and threw the tyrants off us, stop fighting brushfires and bulldoze the entire stinking morass of corruption constituting an openly fascist plutocracy disguising itself as the republic. I say, Live free or die! Don't tread on me!

David McElroy -


Comment by Ross Wolf
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A song titled, TSA Boots Are Going To Walk All Over You, might make a great sequel to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Going To Walk All Over You.”

TSA’s mistreatment, humiliation and general abrasive handling of Americans at airports, may be a portent to Americans (next) getting a Boot in their face if they refuse to be stripped searched, molested or x-rayed before boarding—any form of public transportation; bus, train, cruse ship. It is obvious TSA intends to extend its reach beyond airports; that TSA will blackball Americans from using other forms of public transportation, including preventing Citizens from driving beyond highway checkpoints, for alleged security reasons. TSA appears headed toward shutting down Americans' Right To Travel in their own country.

The Nazis used national emergency as a premise to repeatedly target, search and detain Germans boarding or taking trains considered political dissidents or morally unfit; Citizens were intentionally delayed by police/military so they would be late or miss work. As a result many Citizens lost there jobs and could not survive.

TSA’s physical searches of air passengers’ private body parts, is intimidating passengers to submit to x-rays scans. Continued Low Radiation Exposure is Accumulative and believed to cause Cancer.

Americans need to draw a line in the sand; Boycott airlines: that would get TSA's attention and stockholders of airlines. Meanwhile, not just pilots and flight attendants,  “ordinary air passengers” should also be afforded privacy when physically searched at public airports.

The Obama government intends to invade your bedroom. The government purchased hundreds’ of X-Ray Vans that will travel our streets without warrants, x-ray scan, see Americans naked when walking, standing, riding their bike, and may—retain your scan-photos.

Government/police will use x-ray vans to peer though Citizens’ homes and vehicles, exposing Americans and their families to radiation; government will view Citizens in their bedrooms. Americans need to ask Obama if independent studies were conducted to determine if Citizens could develop Cancer, if (repeatedly bombarded) by police X-ray scans. It is expected government/police with or without a warrant, will repeatedly X-ray scan a person of interest, in his or her home.

Obama’s X-Ray Vans can ALSO be used by the military or police to secure perimeters to control civil unrest and instances of revolt, to screen and stop Citizens carrying guns, cameras; any item.  Does Obama expect Americans to revolt?

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