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Meredith Whitney: "We Believe That The Municipals Will Default"

• FinancialTimes
Crisis looming in US municipal debt market?
Nov 16 2010  Meredith Whitney rose to prominence as a financial analyst by predicting the problems at Citigroup. Ms Whitney has since started her own firm, Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, and is now predicting dramatic declines in US home prices, large layoffs at US banks and widespread defaults in the municipal bond market.  (6m 21sec)

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Comment by Olde Reb
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 Why does the government hate poor people ???   "It" does not hate poor people; the people that have money want the government to help them take more money from you so they can be richer.  They insist you pay more, and more, in taxes so the government can grant special privileges to the businesses they operate. The ex-government official that manufactures body-scanners pushed for surveillance by TSA. War material manufacturers lobby for more war. Labor unions lobby to eliminate right-to-work states. Insurance companies lobby for forced enrollment in health programs.  It is not a matter of hate.  It is a matter of greed.

Comment by Mike Chavez
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That's GREAT!

I'm not scared- I'm Excited.  My wife and I will finally be able to afford a home.  I hope the government doesnt stick it's big fat hand into the equation and try to stop this correction from taking place.  Why does our government hate poor people?  They take away our savings, our labor, and try to keep prices high.  I wish I could tell them to Tax the crap out of the corporations/ other government privileged entities/people and get their hand out of my pocket.