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TSA: Raging Pedophiles and Perverts in Jack Boots

The images are gathered by rays passing through clothing and bouncing off the skin. They expose every fold, crevice, and anatomical detail. It is easy to discern if the subject has had a mastectomy, for example, or is circumcised. I encourage nudity, but I also believe it should be voluntary. And despite assertions to the contrary, the machines that make the images are designed to store and transmit them. Besides, anyone can take a picture of the screen with a cell phone or camera and the image can be distributed that way. It has already happened. In our modern world of pervasive titillation, how long will it be before a public figure finds his or her naked image, captured at an airport security checkpoint, all over the internet? How about a small child? Sickened, yet? But the TSA is sensitive to these privacy issues. Airline passengers who don't wish to have their nude pictures taken are provided with an alternative: the "aggressive pat-down." This procedure is a limited version of the search performed in prisons. The breasts, buttocks, and genitals are fondled by an agent to ascertain that only the furnishings nature provided are found in these locations. We have the so-called "underwear bomber" to thank for that. To make this procedure sound more palatable, and probably also so the TSA agents don't vomit, the back of the hand is used for the most intrusive aspects of the search; in addition, agents are required to warn passengers of what's about to happen, much like a doctor saying "you'll feel a little pressure" as he goes in with the gloves.

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Children?  Pedophiles?  Remember, the PARENTS willingly submit their children to this abuse, to this invasion of the children.   PARENTS!

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