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DHS & Palm Beach International Airport to Arrest Travelers Who Opt Out

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Thanks for the warning. Now, about that empty airport you're going to have, the bankrupt airlines, the lack of taxes to pay your salaries as a consequence, and what South Florida, along with the Orlando area, will think of it when there are no tourists spending their dollars there since they will simply refuse to submit by refusing to spend money coming to Florida on vacation...... You can detain people for refusing to submit, but you can't detain people for giving you the finger by refusing to fly and spend money in your Stalinesque Security Theater. Best-a-luck to your tourism industry. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Deputies may detain Palm Beach International Airport travelers who refuse to submit to a full-body scanner or a pat down, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office confirmed Friday. The Pappas family arrived in West Palm Beach for the holidays from Michigan on Thursday. While his wife and children went through the body scanners, Michael Pappas got the enhanced pat down by Transportation Security Administration officials. "Well they are pretty personal," Pappas said. "They came in both in front and behind (the) legs and upper body, and it was much more significant as compared to the past security measures." Allison Pappas said she wasn't too concerned. But others are concerned about the new security measures being implemented at PBIA and other airports across the country. The body scanners show an image of what people look like under their clothes, and the extensive pat downs are causing controversy. Faced with a growing parental outcry, TSA this week modified its pat downs for children under 12. But the TSA isn't backing away from its security measures. If a person gets in line and refuses to go through the body scanner or submit to a pat down, he or she could be detained.

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The sheeple in that county need to wake up and recall or fire their treasonous sheriff. The entire system is out of control. They are getting away with this evil because every one is going down for it and the mindless puppets (TSA) sure ain't gonna listen to any truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth.