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Why Was JFK Murdered?

• James W. Douglass via
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A podcast with James W. Douglass

Jim, the author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, demonstrates that John F. Kennedy was assassinated not by the usual "lone nut," himself killed by another lone nut, but because he turned towards peace. The assassination was a coup by the dark military-imperial-merchants of death cabal that has ruled America since. A follower of Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day, Jim Douglass is a retired religion professor from the University of Hawaii.

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Comment by Olde Reb
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Numerous sources link the CIA with JFK's assassination. One source is PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane wherein a federal jury in Miami concluded the CIA was involved. One witness testified he had seen a CIA memo relating to the action before the event. Additional testimony was given by a member of the CIA hit team. HIGH TREASON by John Groden includes a digital analysis of the police open mike recording given before the Warren Commission Rehearing to locate the sources of gun shots. They did not come from the book depository. ACT OF TREASON by Mark North details involvement of the FBI in the cover-up.

E. Howard Hunt's son recently made public statements that his dying father detailed CIA involvement in the killing. The son identifies his father as one of the tramps escorted from the railroad yard by men costumed as Dallas police officers. CIA agent Margarita Lopez identified Hunt, under oath in federal court, as being at a Dallas motel delivering cash to CIA agent Frank Sturgis. The two had traveled from Miami with other Cuban CIA agents equipped with costumes and a trunk full of firearms the day before the assassination. Ref. MARGARITA by M. Lopez.

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Name successful conspiracies and the circumstances under which they existed. The manhattan project is one (except for the internal spies who leaked data to the USSR), Deep throat is another.   Area 51 is a third.  And of course the global Jewish Banking conspiracy.  And why am I not part of that?  I am Jewish.  A quote from G Gordon Liddy:  Two people can keep a secrete if one of them is dead.

The only conspiracy here is by some person interested in self promotion and in getting your money.

 If you want the real story, read Mortal Error, where the actual gunman (a secrete service agent) is actually identified by name...  I suspect this is also the time when law enforcement decided that it would be a good idea to check ALL weapons in the area to determine if they had been discharged.


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