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Portable Farm™


Do you want to own your own food machine that grows healthy organic vegetables and home-grown fish for your own use or for commercial sales?

Imagine living anywhere in the world and growing fresh organic vegetables and fish right outside your kitchen in a Portable Farm™ that’s sized to feed your family.

By having your own Portable Farm™, you can grow enormous amounts of organic vegetables and home-grown fish in a very small space and the systems require 90 - 95% less water than in-ground growing and very little labor. 

For example, a 20’x30’ farm produces 3,600 vegetables and 1,400 pounds of fish a year which will comfortably feed 5 adults their vegetables every day, and fish several times a week, forever.


The Interior of a small, 10'x16' backyard farm. Please note the 3' tall basil plants in foreground that will provide a family their basil for months.

Now, for the first time, we are offering the Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems DO IT YOURSELF KITS for those who want to control their food source, in perpetuity, anywhere in the world. A Portable Farm™ REALLY IS PORTABLE. Now you can build a Portable Farm™ wherever you are living, and if you move, you can take it with you. {Who said you couldn’t take it with you? Well, they were wrong. Now you can.}  When you move, you can put the technology and components for the farm in a box, and when you land in your new paradise, you can rebuild your farm. SLAM DUNK. You’ll never be hungry again. Ever.


CLICK HERE to see pictures of the interior of the
inventor's own 10' x 16' backyard farm.

Now available to ship anywhere in the world.

The daily maintenance for smaller Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems
is only minutes a day (and that includes singing to your fish).

Portable Farms

The Happy Portable Farmer, Colle Davis, Inventor,
with a single head of lettuce from one of his own
Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems
that was grown in only 40 days.
This is an unretouched photo.

Narrator, Matt Damon: This powerful short clip by U.S. State Department
reminds us that we will need to feed an additional 1.8 billion people
by the year 2030. CLICK HERE.


CLICK HERE for an NEW online 6-minute Video Documentary with Colle, Davis, the Inventor of Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems, by Beck Bamberger as Next 500 unveils the future of business as we yet know it. The leading companies of tomorrow are doing business today in a new way.

CLICK HERE for a color brochure (.pdf)

• Our System Raises Organic Vegetables and Fresh Fish, Every Day of the Year• Increases Food Security • Offers Dramatic Reduction in Water Usage (90% or more)
• Requires Minimal Daily Upkeep and Operations
• Brings Food Production Practices into the 21st Century


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