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Demonstrators Prep for Backscatter 'Opt Out Day'

• Fox 10 TV

PHOENIX - In light of all the controversy surrounding enhanced airport screening, several groups are urging flyers to "opt out" on Wednesday.

They want travelers to refuse to be screened with the backscatter machine, and instead, go for the patdown. The idea is -- the patdowns take a lot longer -- so flights would be delayed, causing problems for the TSA.

At least 100 protesters are expected to gather curbside at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport on Wednesday. They're hoping to encourage travelers to opt out of the full body scans. They say the TSA has gone too far.

Ernest Hancock is helping to organize the event. He is the host of Declare Your Independence, a nationally-syndicated radio show produced in Phoenix.

"I am more concerned about the abuses of my freedom from my very own government than from any terrorists," he says.

"I think that they're dangerous. And a lot of people have a personal abhorrence to being scanned naked... I don't think they're effective in doing what they say they're doing."

Meanwhile, travelers coming into Sky Harbor don't seem too concerned about the enhanced security measures -- and other travelers say they welcome the extra screening.

The demonstration starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Officials for the airport say they're not making any special preparations.


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