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Senate Bill 510 Now On the Floor of the Senate

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One of the most alarming bills to the TSP community this year has been Senate Bill 510 also known as “The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act” . I have talked about it on the air a few times. Unfortunately this bill is rife with rumors that state nonsense such as… •Once this bill passes you won’t be able to give a tomato from your garden to your neighbor •This bill makes it illegal for you to save seeds from your backyard garden •Effectively this bill outlaws your ability to can your own vegetables These statements are totally moronic and anyone claiming them as fact has either not actually read the bill, knows they are lying or isn’t capable of reading the language the bill is written in. I have read this bill, every word of it and I can tall you for a fact this bill has NOTHING to do with your backyard garden, not one damn thing. [This site has many great podcasts you can listen to online or download to use on your PC or MP3 player. Definitely worth checking out.]

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