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Thank You Sen. John Tester for your Amendment to S-510

• The Survival Podcast
Due to my strong stance as a constitutionalists and libertarian the uninformed often call me a “right winger” which if you listen to the show is simply nuts. Unfortunately I don’t get to give many politicians a pat on the back be they Democrats or Republicans. Today though I get to thank a Democrat from Montana for his work with the turd of a bill known as S-510. I just posted a long rant on S-510 blasting both side of the debate. The opposition for the hype and out right lies and the proponents for legislation that could put small producers out of business. One thing I pointed out that could be done is a small producer amendment that would exempt family producers and small farms. Turns out there is such an amendment and it does seem to be sticking to the bill as it moves through the senate.