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Sarah Palin as New Feminist

• arclein
Never before had Americans witnessed a conservative woman of Palin’s age — early to mid-forties — with five kids, one of whom had just been born and whose needs are greater than the average baby’s, run for the vice-presidency. It was unprecedented.

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Comment by Ned The Head
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Ah how I long for the simple days of radical militant feminism. Back when it was seriously proposed that if women ruled the world, it would be a kind and gentle world indeed. For women, by their very physical constitution which infuses them with a spiritual consciousness of mother Gaia, are prevented from destructive behavior of the primitive and misogynistic male species. Yeah, guys and gals were whole different species back then.

Maggie Thatcher put a stake in that vampire. Hillary hung the garlic braids around it's neck. Palin is here to nail down the coffin lid.

Welcome to the age of collective definition when we realize we all categorically suck ass.

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