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Earth's Largest Lakes Warming, Climate Scientists Find

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Climate change over the past 25 years is responsible for a temperature increase seen in more than 150 of the world's largest lakes, new satellite data shows.

The results suggest an average warming rate of 0.81 degrees Fahrenheit (0.45 degrees Celsius) per decade, with some lakes warming as much as 1.8 degrees F (1 degree C) per decade. The warming trend was global, and the greatest increases were in the mid- to high-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.


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Comment by Anonymous
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By the way, immigration and population increase did not cause this environment malaise. Global warming is not a mathematical function of immigration and population increase on earth.  Only one in a white straitjacket inside an ambulance would mumble this mumbo-jumbo. 

 This “scientific” report says, "Climate change over the past 25 years is responsible for a temperature increase seen in more than 150 of the world's largest lakes, new satellite data shows."  Will somebody get that inside his cranium?


                                      Immigration & Population Lies That Our World Will End Should Be Exposed

      This recycled calumny needs to be exposed to public viewing. To protect our reading public, this immigration and population misrepresentation and disinformation have to be uncovered and the truth revealed. Targets of the truth campaign are recycled   Read Letter



Comment by Anonymous
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 Are those global warming nuts getting nuttier as the years go by …?

In this propaganda report, researchers concluded that the results of their study of rising temperature "were consistent with the expected changes associated with global warming."

From the e-mail I received just recently: If you include the independent study of my eccentric neighbor on house warming when he said he and his family moved into this new neighborhood, and add it up to the temperature data of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, the result according to him is even more phenomenal. Where before the neighborhood was said to be hostile and criminal activities were frequent and open to the public, now neighbor-to-neighbor cordial relationship is warmer. Well, to humor this environmentalist nut, I informed him that the result of his study was consistent with the expected changes associated with global warming [just exactly what this scientifically knotty-nutty report said].

Then I added that U.S.-Soviet friendship is even now warmer since the collapse of the Berlin Wall...!!! It was even better than what global warming researchers had propagandized in this report: That in North America the "second Deepest Lake is now warmer than in the past 1,500 years"! Who cares, weirdo? Do something else ... anything go, fly a kite!!! Why, warmer Washington-Kremlin relationship had risen to more than 100% better in less than 20 years!  Beat that!

Comment by Alan Neuman
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It never ceases to amaze me how stupid the sheeple are to swallow any type of bull crap the media feeds them. HEY IDIOTS, it gets cold in the winter and warm in the summer! Now that is climate change!I think we should all pass a law banning summer and winter! If the weather doesn't abide by the law, we should nuke the sun! Any questions???

On second thought, you dipsticks are so stupid you just might do it.. Never mind.


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