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Three Million Years Added to Human Evolution

• arclein
Evolutionary divergence of humans from chimpanzees likely occurred some 8 million years ago rather than the 5 million year estimate widely accepted by scientists, a new statistical model suggests.

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Comment by Ed Price
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This article is the reason that you should never trust your doctor.

Everybody knows that the longer you leave a car sit out in the weather, the more it corrodes. It never gets newer from leaving it out in the weather.

This is what happens in nature. There is erosion, and if the reverse of erosion happens in nature somewhere, it is because some other part of nature eroded even more, just to allow the one part to sort of reverse its erosion for awhile.

If it took billions of years with all the breaking down (erosion) that nature does, to cause evolution to happen, why can't your doctor keep you alive?

I mean, a team of doctors can barely bring people back to life who have been dead only for a minute or so. You would think that by now the doctors would have been able to take a body that has been dead for, say, only a couple of hours, and bring it back to life, since it is nearer to operating condition than when it is dirt in the ground. But they can't.


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