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Foreclosure-Gate and The Fed: You Will Pay To Be Raped -Part 1

Under the radar I'm sure The Fed would like this to stay..... no dice jackasses. First, some background: The Truth in Lending Act from 1968 gives borrowers the “right of rescission,” the ability to undo a home refinancing or home equity loan within three years of the closing if the lender did not make proper disclosures — generally of the loan amount, interest rate and repayment terms. The law makes allowances for mere mistakes by the lender, but otherwise requires strict compliance, as well it should: disclosure is the main — often the only — consumer protection in the mortgage market. ... The Fed proposal would change all that. Citing concern over banks’ compliance costs, it would require a borrower to pay off the remaining principal before the lender gives up its security interest. That would be clearly impossible for troubled borrowers. So the Fed’s proposal would benefit the creditor who violated the law rather than the borrower, paving the way for foreclosures that otherwise could be avoided. In short, what this means is that if the bank violated black-letter law in making a loan to you the change would require you to pay off the entire principal before you could assert your rights and remedies. This is like requiring someone who was robbed to somehow come up with the money to repay the owner of the property that was stolen before the robber can be held to account for his criminal act. Yeah. No wonder The Fed doesn't want this one out in the public eye. Sorry BerScrewTheCommonMan - now there's 300,000+ people who know about it. Spread the word.