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Authoritarianism in the US: Land of the Free? Maybe Not for Long...

In the August 2010 issue of The Socionomist, researcher Alan Hall published a short update to his two-part "Authoritarianism" study (now available for free), which had explained that the clouds of a gathering storm are fast approaching as "serious authoritarian/anti-authoritarian conflict is just beginning." Part one of the studies described how the Wave Principle and socionomics show that "negative mood trends produce fear, anger, polarization, discord, and challenges to the status quo." In part two Hall forecast that: Authoritarians will continue to use the fear of terrorism to institutionalize a culture of surveillance and control… Governments will shut down sections of the Internet. The days of unrestricted whistleblowers on the Web are numbered. Also: As society's consensus diffuses into fearful discord, authoritarianism gains footholds. The majority of people see each authoritarian step as merely temporary, necessary inconveniences --small freedoms traded for promises of safety. As fear increases, society makes ever larger concessions. If a negative trend in social mood is large enough, blatantly authoritarian leaders emerge and promise security. They attract support as well as strident opposition.

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My grandfather was born in 1884 and I listened to many a story of him growing up and living in the America he knew - and brother, our America hasen't been 'free' for decades, and 'home of the brave' is a joke.