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Al-Qaeda's Intelligence Service

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Just a few points to consider, Powell. True Obama is a leftist and (to his credit) he has continued attacks on terrorist groups via drones and did a troop surge, yet his overall efforts have been scaled down from when Bush was in office. Obama has made it a point not only to de-emphasize U.S. ties with Israel but has approved sending aid to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian authority as well as made it a point to court Islamist regimes (like Iran). You cannot deny that what Wikileaks is doing will aid Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups which will mean U.S. armed force members along with Afghan and Iraqi locals who assisted them will be killed as a result. You notice Wikileaks isn't seeking out secret information to release on governments that are the U.S.'s sworn enemies (like Iran).

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Oh, how will we ever survive if these leftist terrorist lovers keep exposing the Obama Administration for the lying sacks of shit they are?

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