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If We’ll Take This Abomination ... We’ll Take Anything

The foundation of this whole process is to bankrupt countries, bankrupt populations and put them at the mercy of a reconstituted Rothschild-controlled banking system based on a world central bank that would dictate all global finance and oversee a single global electronic currency by imposing its policy on regional and national central banks. The Rothschild network is also waiting for the price of land, resources and everything else to crash to cents-on-the-dollar prices before stepping forward to use their gold-laden assets to buy up vast tracts of the world and its economy – far beyond what even they own today. They are planning to underpin this financial control with control of the food supply, which is why legislation is constantly being passed to target small farmers and those who grow their own food. The maxim is: control their pockets and control their bellies and you control their lives and actions.

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To understand Biblically and Historically what exactly The "ABOMINATION" THAT "DESOLATES"!  AND The "Fulfillment of Prophecy"!

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