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Health Care Premiums Could Reach $23,342 by 2020

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National surveys have found that family premiums for employer-sponsored health coverages increased 52 percent from 2003 to 2009, while median family income rose 13 percent. Such a rapid increase in the cost of employer-sponsored health benefits has forced difficult choices at workplaces across the country. Studies indicate that slower growth in wages and lower savings for retirement (worker and employer contributions) have been part of the trade-off to preserve health benefits. Despite such trade-offs, the monthly cost of premiums paid by workers and their families is up, consuming an ever-greater share of any wage increases they might receive. Health care premiums have grown roughly four times faster than income. This simply isn’t sustainable without crushing government and private budgets. And if the problem is not truly dealt with, that is what will happen: As of 2009, the average premium was $13,027 a year for family coverage for private sector employers, ranging from $11,000 to over $14,000 across states. If insurance premiums for employer-sponsored health plans in each state continued to grow at the same average annual rate seen from 2003 to 2009, the average premium for family coverage would rise to $23,342 by 2020—an increase of 79 percent.

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How long will it be before people cotton to that governments are desperately trying to kill/numb the people before they wake up, spit out their poison and hang them?

If everyone saw this video, then they would all be hanged tomorrow. For more info on how to cure cancer see my own blog =

"the cancer report" by via Sakerfa`s I can`t find the words to describe this impeccable video cuz i`m still pissed.

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