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"Support Terry Lakin Day" Rallies at McCain, Kyls' Offices 12/6/2010 (video)

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With all the activity leading up to, and involved with The Freedom Summit this weekend here in Phoenix, some of us local Activists are flat worn out.
Monday morning rolls around, and my usual routine is to get up early, take two adults in my family to work, and take one Granddaughter to Camelback HS, and come back home, log on to the net with coffee in hand, and get to work.
Here I think I'm looking forward to a day of relaxation, videoediting, uploading, eating for the last two days to catch up, and maybe a nap.

Not in Ed's World!

No, I get an e-mail from Sylvia Boutillier of Continental Congress 2009 fame, telling me that she had just gotten the information regarding a triple-Rally just before she had to leave - starting in about an hour and a half - and she was out the door.

I took the information, created a Phoenix R3VOLUTION MeetUp, e-mailed it to the Group, posted the orginating URL as an article on my page at Freedom's, created an Event at Restore The linking to both above postings (which was automatically tweeted to my Psychictaxi Twitter account), dug out my "!SHOW US YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE!" banner that I made when Obama came to Dobson High School in Mesa, grabbed my videocamera, and made it to John McCain's office at 10:58 a.m. - which is when the video begins.

After leaving McCain's office I ran home and grabbed a rack of 50 dvd's of AFTF and The Obama Deception - with contact cards inside for Freedom's Phoenix and other good things, and went to Jon Kyl's office for the next set. When I arrived I found that the small contingent of The People had grown, and had already gone inside. I lamented that it was too bad they hadn't waited until I got there with the videocamera, but when they came out it seems it didn't matter after all because Senator Kyls' Staff refused to allow any recording inside.  'Morpheus' (the guy at Kyls' office with the other videocamera) attempted to follow them into the office, but was THROWN OUT as he states in the video.

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