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'Guardians of Liberty' Lay Siege to DC January 21st, 2011!

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On January 21, 2011 the FIGHT BEGINS!
On January 21, 2011, the Guardians of Liberty will lay siege to federal offices in DC and all over the country. These peaceful sieges will remain in effect until:

Obamacare is Repealed
The Federal Reserve is Audited and Ended
Our rights are recognized by every government agency
No Compromises!
We Stop When IT Stops!

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"Very simply, we have been lied to; not just by the Democrats or the Obamas or Timothy Geithner, but by everyone and for a long time. Our rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, are nothing more than a fable of long ago. The government of today refuses to recognize the Constitution except where it finds power over the people. To this government, the words of the Constitution are nothing more than promises of a long dead generation, a generation to which they feel no loyalty. Those who revere the words and recognize the power they convey to us, the governed, are treated as children to be conned into submission. They take our trust and goodwill and use it as a weapon against us. They pretend to acknowledge and revere the oaths they have taken and to solemnly act on our behalf, all the while slipping liberty out of our grasp. After the election, when citizens have gone back to life as usual, they scoff and huff their disgust at our ignorance. Should you doubt these words, just try it. Try to stand up for your rights at an airport, or at a DUI check point, or when you go to collect on your Social Security some forty years hence and the lies will be all too evident. It is only as cowards that we are offered the illusion of the government under which we have given our consent to be governed.

"There is talk now of 'holding their feet to the fire' and making our representatives accountable for their promises; to ensure the Constitutionally limited government we are due. A sweeping election has taken place to install those who will follow the dictates of the people. Have we learned nothing? Has there not been elections in the past with the same intent? An election is not a solution, it is merely an expression of political will, not enforcement. To make change happen it takes boots on the ground, people in the halls of congress and a list of demands to be met. It takes vigilance, dedication, and perseverance. The people were intended to be Guardians of their own liberty. A full reading of the Constitution reveals just that important fact. Yes, hire representatives, hire senators and presidents, all of that is good and right, but turn your back and in your place a lobbyist will stand with a checkbook and a grin.

"A group of us taking the name of 'Guardians of Liberty' will lead the charge and ask any and all who will follow to help us do the hard work of the republic. We are packing up right now, making a space for ourselves at the capitol, preparing the way for you to join us. The Guardians will be there, we are making the sacrifices, but we need you, your groups, your voice, your cooperation and most of all your presence on January 21, 2011 to send the strongest possible message. Then the siege begins. We are not proposing a rally or a protest we are designing a full-on siege of DC until our will is done. But, it is not the few of us that will make the difference, it is the people who stand with us and recognize their role as Guardians themselves." T.L. Davis, novelist and activist. 

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