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With Assange Arrested, Accusations Fly

Julian Assange is in custody in the U.K. until at least December 14. But where is he headed and what exactly is he accused of? Depends on who you ask. The Internet abounds with theories about why Sweden is prosecuting him now, where he's going next, and what he could ultimately be charged with. In the absence of any solid answers to those questions, people are happy to speculate about the nature of his crimes - and their victims. At Salon, Kate Harding acknowledges that, giving the timing of the diplomatic cable release and the Interpol arrest warrant, "it would be irresponsible of journalists, bloggers and average citizens of countries most eager to plug the gushing Wikileaks not to wonder if those dots connect." Still, she says, it's dismaying that "with no specific target for their suspicions and no easy way to find one, folks all over the blogosphere have been settling for the next best thing: making light of the sexual assault charges and smearing one of the alleged victims." Assange has been charged with rape and sexual coercion, but the Daily Mail has already decided it was just "two one-night stands." But Glenn Greenwald says Assange's alleged victims aren't the only people being subjected to smears. The Salon writer and long-time Assange defender accuses the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New Republic, and the Today Show of perpetuating falsehoods about WikiLeaks and its founder.

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