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Clinton: TSA Policies To Be Reviewed After “Humiliating” Pat Down Of Indian Diplomat

A humiliating TSA pat down that left Indian Ambassador to the United States livid and insistent that she would never return to America has prompted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to promise a review of TSA policies in the aftermath of a nationwide revolt against invasive airport security measures.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Being TSA means never having to say you're sari:

Comment by Judy Staab
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Okay. We get the picture! The peasants that is. Some getting it a little slower than others but it's crystal clear! It's okay for the United States Citizens, those citizens who have sent their kids to war to fight for "our" freedoms -- to be sexually assaulted by the United States AUTHORITIES (TSA)!!! It's okay to have an autistic five year child groped and tea shirt removed while his father is forced to watch his confused child "handled" all over his body . . it's okay to have senior citizens in wheel chairs have sexually invasive frisks done to them . . it's okay to have a cancer survivor left standing in his urine after the TSA won't listen to him about his recent bladder surgery only after begging to be taken to a private room but left standing there humiliated (with no apologies) to pick up his wet pants and wear on the plane (sounds sanitary for everyone, right?) . . it's okay if a former "Bunny" and countless other well-endowed women are singled out repeatedly for body scans and humiliating "pat-downs" . . it's okay if those who have been sexually abused in their lives beg for reconsideration to not be touched only to be heard on deaf ears and faced with more sexually invasive trauma . . it's okay for women who have had beast cancer to be told they MUST have their prosthetics removed after they've failed to get through as to how humiliating it would be to have that sensitive area "handled" . . it's okay to have the same "rubber gloves" TSA wears touch the genital and pubic area passing on who knows what to the next passenger?? It's okay that it's there is proof that personal body scans have been found in various areas of the U.S. Yes, those scans that were never to be scene by anyone else! And once again . . it's okay we STILL continue to send our young men and women to war to fight for these FREEDOMS? WHAT??? This is still the sales pitch being used to get our kids to sign up? BUT now that a "foreign" ambassador is humiliated, Clinton is going to review the "pat down" (please, be honest -- sexually invasive frisks) policy! And Senators and congressmen/women are opted out. And Janet Napolitano refuses to have a body scan and of course is opted out of sexually invasive frisks. And the TSA Chief, Hillary Clinton, and all who have been deemed as elitists are free from the sexually invasive gropes and body scans. And aren't private planes great? The elitists will confirm that! Yes, the "best," the elitists, and of course now the foreign dignitaries will have special treatment! The non-peasants! But we peasants, who have sent our kids to war to fight for "OUR" freedoms -- NO WAY! Well, this peasant is fed up! The "real" terrorists need to be called out! Called out of office. They need to be recognized for the traitors they are and IMPEACHED. Every single one of them -- NOW! Visit the link below and see what Michael Chertoff's money-making venture is doing to your body! TSA radiation Too Dangerous, According to Scientists

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