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The New McCarthyism, The Real Terrorists—The Case of Wikileaks, Part II

This is no joke: If Rep. King succeeds in having the designation applied to Wikileaks—and as of this writing, there is every reason to think that he will—then any American who interacts with Wikileaks, including by way of donations, technical assistance, even legal assistance, can be prosecuted as aiding and abetting a foreign terrorist organization—and that’s serious jail time, not to mention ruined-life time. That’s not all: The Obama administration reminded all Federal workers at all levels of government that reading any of the documents of the Wikileaks’ State Department cable dump “would call into question your ability to deal with confidential information, which is part of most positions with the Federal government. For its part, the American military has not only warned its members not to look at the documents, it has in fact cut off access to websites which might carry the information, including, the New York Times’ website,, and other such mainstream sites. The State Department has even made it clear to future recruits that if they access the documents anywhere, ever, they shouldn’t even bother applying for a job in Foggy Bottom: According to the Columbia University student news site, students at their School of International and Public Affairs received an e-mail from their Office of Career Services, warning them not to discuss on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) the Wikileaks affair. Students were warned with the same letter the Obama administration used to warn Federal employees that looking at the material constituted a violation of the law.

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