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Militia shows up in Sasabe

• Tucson Citizen
Reliable reports from folks who work in the Sasabe area are that the “Michigan Militia” has shown up in and around Sasabe, patrolling the border because the US Border Patrol isn’t doing enough to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs across the border. First hand accounts from folks who have encountered this militia group describe them as “heavily armed skinheads”. More militia types from Minnesota are expected to descend on the Sasabe area in a few days. One has to wonder what (if anything) the Pima County Sheriff’s Office and the Border Patrol are doing about the invasion of these militias. It is bad enough we’ve got drug cartel goons running around…now we have armed crazies running around the countryside with weapons allegedly “protecting” the United States. If the United States can argue in court that state’s are pre-empted from enforcing immigration laws, doesn’t it make sense that citizen groups are also not permitted to enforce immigration laws? These milit

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Since where does the supreme court have ANY say over what the soverign and independent states do?  I think someone has it bass akwards.

Comment by Anonymous
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 You don’t say it Ned, but Bakadude is too far away than you think he is, from freaking out; he is as calm as that crystal-clear water in your sink ready for your face wash when you look at the mirror right after you wake up early in the morning … by his nature, Bakadude is almost as cold as cucumber, always peaceful and deathly quiet when thinking deeply before the storm. But Bakadude knows well of a freaking mind so scared not only of illegal aliens but of immigration! This botched up bicycle-riding pen-pusher is madly frightened of aliens that are increasing exponentially in number here in the United States. Tell you what – let’s gather all fully armed angry Skinheads in every state for a really good evening snip, bottles of Vodka or a barrelful of moonlighted mind-altering super strong liquid to mix with Tequila-punched pot and sexual orgies – our current form of junkie-on-wheels relaxation you just brought up, and while in a dream-like state of mind start a somnambulists motorcade to the border and run down those roaches or shoot them dead with pest control handguns and sawed pissed off double-barreled shotguns purposely made to blast illegal aliens out to outer space. Illegal border crossing problem solved, we can go to our militia problem next, nice and easy. I suppose that’s how we should calm down a fretful evening in Arizona before doomsday …

Comment by Ned The Head
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What's more confusing, the article or the comments?

 First of all, nailman, what state did an elder get arrested for an unregistered handgun? I'm only asking because we don't have to register guns in Arizona. And we no longer need a permit to carry one concealed.

And since were Michigan Militia skinheads? Might somebody have mistaken a "jarhead" in a cap for a shaven head?

And why would we have to outsource Nazis? By all reports, we're Nazi central here in AZ.

And now Bakadude is freaking out, convinced they are coming to get all of us breeds. Relax. First things is, skinheads are an urban phenomenon. Somehow I have trouble seeing guys who live on spare change, Budweiser and brutalizing teenagers making it in the desert. They better be careful of they could get hurt out there.

I dunno, this just has hysteria written all over it. You guys are too jumpy. Tell you what, I'll get some drugs and walk them back from Mexico, you guys can apprehend me and we'll all have a seat and a nice relaxing smoke under a soarro. Don't worry, I know where to get the good stuff.


Comment by Anonymous
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We are trying to stop illegal alien invasion and now we have to stop a frightening militia invasion. One is just as bad as if not worse than the other. That’s why the Republican Governor of Arizona will lose to Obama for pre-empting immigration Federal legislation in a case now pending in Court. We are not only dealing with aliens that break immigration laws, but also skinheads that do not only break immigration laws but worse, murder out of hate and racial prejudice.  Isn’t that cute in the mind of anti-immigration nuts and sweet to the taste of depopulation crackpots?

Comment by Anonymous
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 I spend my time 50/50 between PHX and Sasabe. I have a place down there.

There are 14 people who live there. There is NO Michigan Militia there, there are NO Skin Heads there. What a Crock of Shit this article is. He should have driven the 60 miles from Tucson to check it out for himself.                                Why doesn't he report on the beheading in the town on the other side of the fence, or the gun battle last week in the same town. Or the Raid by the FBI,ATF,DEA,DHS,ICE,BP last week in Sasabe that netted a 67 yo disabled vet who only had a revolver not registered to him. 30 + Agents for and old man. Where is his reLIEable source for what's really going on down here ?  Sounds like he works for the same people who report on how great the economy is. He's a P.O.S. trying to stir the pot and his "story" is just that, a story, a fairy tale, all B.S.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Maybe they should safely escort the "illegals" past the border checkpoints so they don't trample on private property.  I could use a good maid.

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