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CFTC Commissioner: "One Trader" Controls 40% Of Silver Market

At least in this case, JPM will push the price higher unlike what it is doing courtesy of its gold and silver manipulation. However, the PM market (especially Asian accounts) will soon make sure Blythe Masters is looking for a job within 3 months as we predicted a few weeks ago." The only problem with this story is that so far, is that unlike copper, JP Morgan's now legendary paper short in the silver market, long taken for granted by the "less than in mainstream" community, has been persistently ignored by the broader media due to the a lack of concrete evidence. Hopefully that will now change: courtesy of a speech delivered by none other than the CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton, who continues to expose the CFTC and the banker cartel's illegal market manipulation practices, we now have proof that "one trader held over 40 percent of the silver market." As this trader is either JP Morgan directly, or various Blythe Masters proxies, we can only hope that finally the broader outcry against JPM's ongoing attempt to suppress precious metal prices (insert Mike Krieger/Max Keiser "Crush JP Morgan" campaign here) will force the bank to finally unwind its shorts. And if not, perhaps the market speculators will do it for them: as of Friday, the SLV ETF held an absolute record 10,941 tonnes of silver, an increase of 163 tonnes for the week. What is even more amusing is that the Bart Chilton disclosure came during a speech blasting that other manipulative scourge of the market: High Frequency Trading (it is helpful that over a year after Zero Hedge first recognized HFT as the biggest threat to market stability, subsequently confirmed by the flash crash, now the very CFTC is finally confirming we have been right all along). In an ideal world, there would be an overhaul to both position limit and HFT trading rules. Alas, we live in a world, in which the son of the heretofore biggest known ponzi, Bernie Madoff, has decided to take his own life on the two year anniversary of his father's ignominious collapse. Surely, should the regulators confirm that our own markets are nothing but a massive ponzi, the suicides will be far more pervasive, as all those who "trade the tape" realize they have been following the crowd right over the cliff.

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