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US defends FBI sting operations

• al-Jazeera

The US attorney-general has defended the use of sting operations involving government informants, saying they are an "essential" tool in preventing attacks.

Addressing a Muslim community group near San Francisco on Friday, Eric Holder said he would make "no apologies" for a sting operation in which a Muslim was arrested while trying to detonate a fake bomb last month.

"These types of operations have proven to be an essential law enforcement tool in uncovering and preventing potential terror attacks," Holder told the annual dinner of Muslim Advocates

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Comment by Ned The Head
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Thin line you say Temper? Kinda seems like a very broad and fuzzy semi-militarized zone to me. The cops can now lie with impunity to gain "evidence" or make arrests, their departments are directly rewarded by seizures, we got sheriff Nickle Bag Joe looting every public fund imaginable for new toys for him and the boys and now we got the FBI putting guns in the hands of nincompoops and shouting "see? see?". "Sting operation" like the one that took out the notorious "Viper Team" militia in AZ? 

However legitimate any "law enforcement tactic" is, when applied by louts operating routinely under color of law it ceases to be about them protecting us but us protecting ourselves from them.

So screw them and the DHS propaganda-meth they are hopped up on.

Comment by Anonymous
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Sting operations are indeed a very valued and effective tool for Law Enforcement -BUT - the line seperating a sting-operation and entrapment can be razor thin.   A 'good cop' (one who honors and obeys the Constitution, and the ethics it demands) won't cross, and usually won't approach, that line - but then again - we're talking about the FBI, which is run by the Justice Department, headed by Eric  'New Black Panther' Holder.  

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