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We Are All German Jews Now


The introduction of so-called porno scanners at America’s airports and the egregious pat downs of airline travelers have turned every American into a German Jew. Instead of dehumanizing and demeaning one segment of the population in order to pave the way for the Holocaust, all airline travelers are being treated like German Jews by our government for our own good — to keep us safe from terrorists on airplanes.

The TSA now considers every American a potential “enemy of the state,” because any one of us may be carrying a bomb aboard an airplane, despite the fact that young men from the Middle East perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

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Comment by Ned The Head
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OK look, it's a libertarian website so we all get to be Jews or not Jews depending on our preference, and this business of railroading (pun? ugh) us into being German Jews just has to stop.

I thought it over and if I'm gonna be a Jew, I'm gonna be a Belarusian Jew. Don't try to talk me out of it, I made up my mind and I'm sticking. And don't everybody go copying me either. Everybody else go find another type of Jew to be.

Comment by American Libertarian
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 Yall are crazy I aint no damn jew

Comment by Ned The Head
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I knew this day would come but I'd always hoped to be a Lithuanian Jew. Look are you sure we can't be Polish Jews or Khazak Jews? How about Latvian or Estonian Jews? Is being a German Jew truly the only option here?

Comment by Anonymous
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We Are All German Jews Now <

To some extent - yes - but, so far, only in that as the German Jews bowed their heads and obeyed the orders given them so to do those who want to fly, bow their heads and obey the order to submit to the scanners/gropers.  With the Jews it wasen't a matter of wanting. 

Eventually the German guns pointed at them and the German Jews, among others, continued to bow their heads and obey, hoping someone else would rescue them.  We know how well that went.  Fat, dumb, and lazy, Americans will probably follow the same path - submitting and losing - submitting and losing - and like the German Jews Americans will eventually die - in spirit if not body.   In that I think the German Jews were the luckier.

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