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Gerald Celente: Off With Their Heads 2.0 - The Trend has Begun!

According to Celente, the spontaneous attack on the Royal couple was the first salvo in what promises to be a long war between the people and the ruling classes. "Anyone questioning the intensity of the people's seething anger is either out of touch or in denial," said Celente, noting that this was the worst show of violence directed towards the Royals since the days of Irish/English hostilities. In this case, the Royals offered a convenient symbolic target for the young protestors, a new generation that has come face-to-face with a future of downward mobility. It wasn't only that they would have to pay three times the tuition for a degree that no longer guaranteed them a decent job, it was rage against the machine a rigged system that paved the way for the privileged and punished the prols. Celente has also predicted that all the Kings and Queens of Commerce along with Presidents, Prime Ministers, top level bureaucrats and elected officials will soon be hearing the same chant of "Off with their heads!"

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Comment by Gene Swank
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Well the British people have demanded for years that the government take care of them, well socialism does not and has never worked. Now they get what they voted for. Higher prices for everything including college. England will collapse just as every socialist nation in the world is collapsing.

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