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Canadian Government Advances Codex Alimentarius with New Laws

'This evening, December 13, 2010, a piece of draconian legislation was passed into law by the Canadian senate. I refer to Bill C36, which is just one piece in the wider global plan called Codex Alimentarius. The bill controls consumer products and is widely understood to be the precursor for another bill that will give Health Canada the power to take some 75% of natural health products off the shelves. At least as important as this is the part of the bill that removes the law of trespass. Until tonight, a police officer needed a warrant to enter private property in Canada. No longer. Under the new law, police can enter and seize private property at any time, for any reason, even if the person in question is not suspected of any crime. We have to look at this with a wide lens. The same policies regarding consumer products, natural health products, and organic farming are coming in at dizzying speed around the world. At the same time, legislation is passing that gives police unprecedented powers to oppress the people in total disregard to human rights and the constitution of any nation.'

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