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In Praise of Junk Silver


It's doomsday plus a few weeks. Say you need to bribe the border guards at the state line but they seem to have all the wristwatches and free range eggs they can use. Hah! There's nothing like a few good ol' silver coins to become their number one tourist, let this man through. Or your gas station's not accepting Visa and the ATMs have gone dark from sea to shining sea and you've got a hard to get reservation at a fallout-free retreat. Hah! Dazzle 'em with the sheen of silver my friend, fill 'er up and happy motoring to you.

Or you gotta do some emergency shopping but hackers insist your bank records have gone missing and your bank agrees and meanwhile Bernanke Bucks are sinking faster than a head-shot carp. Hah! With junk silver just step over to the VIP express aisle and take what you need, take two while you're at it and here, let me help you with that. Or you're down to your last few rounds and you've gotta hit the freedom trail like now, and there are a dozen shooting galleries between you and your little blue heaven but your ammo vendor ain't taking paper. Hah! With silver you can top off from his private stock, the nickel plated ones that chamber slick as butter, and y'all come back now.

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