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Making A List And Checking It Twice: DHS Starts Fascist "Right to Work List"

SWAC is even more draconian. It is “a large-scale collaborative effort among public and private authorities, facility owners, contractors, and labor organizations who are partnering to prevent terrorist activity by creating a trusted contractor community. Over 500 organizations, including the Port Authority of NY and NJ, which manages and maintains the bridges, tunnels, bus terminals, airports, PATH, and seaports that are essential to the bi-state region’s trade and transportation capabilities, have joined this effort,” according to the union website. SWAC also requires a background investigation by the government, so if construction, port workers, longshoremen, and truck drivers are involved in political activity frowned upon by the feds – for instance, 9/11 truth, considered dangerous and subversive by the State Department – it is likely they will have to find another line of work. A SWAC PDF specifically mentions “treason” in an exhaustive list of crimes and misdeeds that will result in the federal government denying a person the right to earn a living. The TWIC Disclosure and Certification form states the following: “I acknowledge that if TSA or other law enforcement agencies determine that I pose an imminent threat to national security or transportation security, my employer may be notified.”

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Comment by Anonymous
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It's going to be great to watch all the big, tough, 'land of the free & home of the brave' boys & girls become good little Amerikan bootlickers!

Ahhhhh, thank God I'm old!

Comment by Ross Wolf
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The U.S. SWAC “Right To Work List” without public oversight has the potential of mirroring Nazi Government actions that targeted workers deemed politically anti-Government. The Nazi Government also targeted employers that didn’t fire government-blacklisted employees. That enabled the Nazis to perpetuate and enforce the Reich’s fascist government. In Hitler’s Germany, to get most jobs, you had to be a member of the Nazi Party. If a snitch reported you for expressing an opinion against the Nazi Government, its authorities or Hitler you could lose more than your job. Germans out of fear would not attend or support any political activity that might be deemed inappropriate by the Reich. How is U.S. Government’s SWAC “Right To Work List” any different?




The Nazis used national emergency as a premise to ban Germans using trains; Citizens considered political dissidents or socially unfit were banned using trains, others were repeatedly searched and detained at train stations and after boarding trains; they were intentionally delayed by police/military so they would be late or miss work; many that lost their jobs could not survive being blacklisted from receiving Nazi Government assistance; some became informants so they and their family could eat and have a roof over their head. Some informants took over the homes of the persons they informed on forfeited by Hitler’s Gestapo.



Historically despot governments that used or employed snitches before taking power expectantly later killed or imprisoned many of their informants, because it was problematic the snitches might work for the new government’s rivals. So snitches paid today should expect that a despot government in the future might terminate them.


If Fascism materializes in America, government informants may tool easily cause the arrest and execution of innocent Americans and confiscation of their property which snitches may be paid part. It is also problematic under fascism Americans would be told by government they can’t vote. It would be shortsighted to think Fascists would let Citizens vote them out of office. Note that within 48-hours of Hitler getting Parliament to pass the 1933 Discriminatory Decrees, fascist laws that suspended provisions of the Reich Constitution, Hitler effectively disbanded Parliament stating, “If you have any legislation, bring it to me, I will decide.” Then Hitler told the Supreme Court to go home.


Now that America is a surveillance state where U.S. Government and police increasingly track and spy on Citizens, what could Americans do if a despot government told Americans they can’t vote?  A Fascist or other despot U.S. Government will find it easier to take control of America if they round up most guns and or make ammunition unavailable for ordinary Citizens, the direction the Obama government appears headed. Already it is apparent Americans are refraining from expressing verbal opinions and writing comments on the Net. It is like they are hiding, fear someone might remember something they said or wrote before America began its current transition into fascism.


Is Big SIS a Trojan horse, the new program supported by government that urges Americans to “report suspicious activity” at Shopping Malls, Sports events and soon 9,000 federal buildings, businesses and communities in general. Is the SIS snitch program is an informant flagship that could potentially dwarf the former East German (Stasi) Secret Police modeled after the Soviet KGB. Stasi had 1-Informant in every 66-persons. After the East German Wall came down, it was discovered Stasi secret police “Informant Files on Citizens”, if lined up back to back, would extend 12-miles. Much of the snitch information that caused E. Germans to be spied on, arrested, tortured and murdered by the State, was erroneous, provided by persons with mental issues; and informants that wanted vengeance against e.g. a neighbor, former spouse, employer or just wanted to be a “snitch” even if they didn’t get perks for informing from the communist government.


The Stasi between 1950-1989 was regarded as the most cruel and repressive police force in the world. In 1989 when the E. German Stasi was disbanded, it employed approx. 173,000 unofficial informants (because Stasi archives were being destroyed it is likely the number of informants was closer to 500,000.) In addition the Stasi Secret Police in 1989 employed 90,000 persons full time including 2,000 unofficial collaborators, 13,000 soldiers and 2,200 officers of GDR Army.


Below are Hitler’s passed 1933 Fascist Laws:



Note: Based on translations by State Department, National Socialism, 1942 PP. 215-17, and Pollak, J.K., and Heneman, H.J., The Hitler Decrees, (1934), pp. 10-11.7



In virtue of Section 48 (2) of the German Constitution, the following is decreed as a defensive measure against Communist acts of Violence, endangering the state:



Section 1

Sections 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications, and warrants for house-searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.



Section 2

If in a state the measures necessary for the restoration of public security and order are not taken, the Reich Government may temporarily take over the powers of the highest state authority.



Section 4

Whoever provokes, or appeals for or incites to the disobedience of the orders given out by the supreme state authorities or the authorities subject to then for the execution of this decree, or the orders given by the Reich Government according to Section 2, is punishable—insofar as the deed, is not covered by the decree with more severe punishment and with imprisonment of not less that one month, or with a fine from 150 up to 15,000 Reichsmarks.



Who ever endangers human life by violating Section 1, is to be punished by sentence to a penitentiary, under mitigating circumstances with imprisonment of not less than six months and, when violation causes the death of a person, with death, under mitigating circumstances with a penitentiary sentence of not less that two years. In addition the sentence my include confiscation of property.



Whoever provokes an inciter to or act contrary to public welfare is to be punished with a penitentiary sentence, under mitigating circumstances, with imprisonment of not less than three months.



Section 5

The crimes which under the Criminal Code are punishable with penitentiary for life are to be punished with death: i.e., in Sections 81 (high treason), 229 (poisoning), 306 (arson), 311 (explosion), 312 (floods), 315, paragraph 2 (damage to railroad properties, 324 (general poisoning).



Insofar as a more severe punishment has not been previously provided for, the following are punishable with death or with life imprisonment or with imprisonment not to exceed 15 years:



1. Anyone who undertakes to kill the Reich President or a member or a commissioner of the Reich Government or of a state government, or provokes to such a killing, or agrees to commit it, or accepts such an offer, or conspires with another for such a murder;



2. Anyone who under Section 115 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious rioting) or of Section 125 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious disturbance of the peace) commits the act with arms or cooperates consciously and intentionally with an armed person;



3. Anyone who commits a kidnapping under Section 239 of the Criminal with the intention of making use of the kidnapped person as a hostage in the political struggle.



Section 6

This decree enters in force on the day of its promulgation.



Reich President

Reich Chancellor

Reich Minister of the Interior

Reich Minister of Justice


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