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Prop 203 has Passed. Can I smoke Marijuana now? (Link Repaired)


No!  There are lots of hoops to jump through before Arizona law will legally allow you to smoke marijuana.  However, regulations are currently being drafted to make medical marijuana a reality for those who have the required doctor's recommendation.  Please be advised, scrupulous compliance with all aspects of the new Arizona law may nonetheless still subject you to prosecution by the federal authorities.  The federal laws have not changed regarding their legal prohibitions against marijuana use for all purposes.  Federal law remains the supreme law of the land.  This is a developing area and it involves numerous foreseeable and unforeseeable issues.  Don't be the test case!  I will continue to keep you updated on this developing area in future newsletters.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Arizona medical marijuana proposed rules released

Police ready to handle gray areas with medical marijuana use


Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I thought people wanted to put a dent in the cartels big $. And keep MJ off the streets. All the excessive rules & pricey fees will ensure that MJ stays a lucrative  source of funds the cartels & street gangs.For our safety of course.

Most people don't even know the MJ people smoke was NOT  the the real target of WR Hurst & H Anslinger who fathered MJ prohibition. They were after industrial hemp. Hurst had big $ in timber lands for his paper & a large investment in the then fledgling DuPont chemical factory. Look it up.

Harry Anslinger was Hurst's tool in law enforcement. His papers were the propaganda arm..  Check out the history of MJ prohibition.It'is based on lies, fear & deception. It still is today. People should know better. Our Founders used hemp & cannabis. Most of their Bibles & most of our founding documents were written on hemp paper. It was once illegal in the colonies NOT to grow hemp. Look up Hemp For Victory @ YouTube.

If Hurst had gone with hemp for his hews papers he coulda saved a lotta $ &  deforestation would probably not be an issue.  If Hurst followed Henry Ford's idea of using hemp to make things like autos & bio fuel the oil problems would not have gotten so out of hand. [look at YouTube for Ford's hemp auto.] DuPont & other chemical manufacturers  kill thousands every year via Rx drugs like the LEGAL Rx drug scripts the Columbine & other school shooters were on or had been on, prior to their rampages. IMO the Rx drug makers were parties to the shootings.

The idea that govt must control every thing has gotten way out of hand. Can you imagine the out cry if you had to jump all the hoops in the MMJ rules just to get a six pack of beer? Even though alcohol kills & is highly addictive. Not so cannabis. 

Prohibition of a once legal substance has proven much more dangerous than alcohol prohibition. The new drug cartels make Al Capone & ilk look like saints. That's not much to show for a drug war that we cannot afford. Now look up how many innocents the cops have killed in botched drug's not a pretty picture the emerging police state is painting....Drug War Rant, look there.






Comment by G Cone
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I get a kick out of the commercial where the woman says her friend/relative died in a car accident and the other driver was found to have marijuana in his system, so now he is in prison. I feel for her loss, but if he had apple pie in his system would they blame that for the accident and send him to prison? Marijuana doesn't impair your motor skills, reactions, vision, or equilibrium like alcohol does. My extensive research shows you can drive very well on weed, or snowboard, mountain bike, play sports, etc. I'm not saying you won't suffer from mission creep though. A quick trip to the store may become a 4 hour epic tour of Guitar Center, Fry's Electronics, Popeye's Chicken, and Zoo Lights.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Is not a law "giving you the right" (permission) an oxymoron?


How can the state give you the right to do something that God has already given you. The answer is that they want to create the illusion that everything is a permission granted to you by your owners the state.

 Instead should we perhaps change the state constitution to bind the State of AZ by the chains of that constitution? Change the state constitution to explicitly only give the state power over mala ense crime.

I am chomping at the bit to see Dave Champions rewrite of the US Constitution.  Perhaps AZ should look at what he comes up with.


Comment by Joe Tittiger
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The feds are treasonous SOB's


Elect a sherrif that supports the Constitution. 

Comment by G Cone
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Link doesn't work. 

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