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They finally got one right…


Earlier this week, the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals (one step below the Supreme Court) made an important ruling that should please anyone who longs for freedom.

In US vs. Warshak, the court ruled that government agents must obtain a warrant in order to compel Internet service providers to turn over customer email accounts.

Anyone who has ever read the Fourth Amendment and has been asleep for the last 10-years might be wondering why this is even news… but given the landslide loss of privacy in recent years, it’s noteworthy when the rights of the people are held up over authoritarianism.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Of course it didn't turn out that way for the victim in this case (aka the defendant).  Ordinarily the emails and all "poisoned fruit" (all additional evidence uncovered by obtaining the illgotten emails) gained by the executive in this manner is thrown out and not allowed admitted to trial as punishment to the state for violating a person's Rights in obtaining the original evidence.

But in this case it was a notorious spammer from Russia who was kidnapped and held in our nation for violating no law.  It was a show trial.  The trial could not be allowed to evaporate in dismissal. So the fiction of the government having "acted in good faith" despite hundreds of years of western judicial procedure saying otherwise was created out of thin air by the deferential judge solely charged with protecting the spammer's Rights---whom violated them as cavalierly as the executive branch in admitting into trial the emails and all subsequent evidence gleaned from the emails.

I have full faith and confidence that in some  future trial where this same issue arises in failing to obtain a warrant in obtaining emails--after waiving this 6th Court of Appeals decision around--an equally conscientious blacked robed pirate will haughtily dismiss any pretext of barriers to the state's prosecution of its next never ending victims brought before them.


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