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Top gun: Navy's super sci-fi railgun most powerful on Earth!

• Terrence Aym
Once exclusively within the world of classic science fiction novels—like Robert A. Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"—the United States' Navy has brought the electronic railgun into the world of reality. The technology for the railgun was first demonstrated in a MIT lab back in 1964. Also known as a "mass driver" the concept was used as a futuristic weapon in many different stories including the famous Heinlein novel. Now the future's arrived...

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Great, expensive toy for the Navy - but - it is STILL a 'dumb gun' ---- it 'lobs' ----once it leaves the barrel that's it, that munition is going to go only to the place it was pointed at.  The money spent on developing this contraption would have bought how many cruise missles????

Ike's words come ringing back:  'Beware the Military/Industrial complex'.   

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