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Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory: Pentagon Attack & Missing $2.3 Trillion

Former Gov. Ventura & co. follow up on the reports about the training of alleged hijacker Hani Hanjour who scored very poorly during flight instruction. Though the official story seems to ignore this smoking gun– roughly equivalent to Lee Harvey Oswald’s poor shooting ability– Hanjour’s one-time instructor was dumbfounded by his complete lack of ability. He couldn’t successfully fly a single-engine Cessna plane during training– casting serious doubt that he could ever wield a commercial jet aircraft like Flight 77 at all, much less execute an expert turn circling into a direct hit without even disturbing the lawn beneath it. Expert pilots have attested that such a maneuver is almost impossible. Researchers and skeptics alike have all pondered the inconsistent evidence at the Pentagon. In attempt to find out more, Jesse speaks with a former NASA engineer who investigates the incident, concluding that the damage at the Pentagon was NOT the result from a plane strike. But the best way to confirm whether or not a plane caused this damage would be to consult the many security camera angles at the Pentagon which either filmed the incident or the surrounding area at the time of the incident; yet only two of those angles have ever been released. The show consults with the FBI who confirm that in fact there were 84 security cameras filming on 9/11; but without seeing those angles none of the outstanding questions can be answered.

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If a hijacked jet passenger plane didn’t hit the Pentagon where is the plane? The passengers? The huge amount of passenger luggage that would have been scattered at the Pentagon?  Jesse Ventura’s show said the plane strangely disappeared from radar 28-minutes before the Pentagon was struck. If the Pentagon wasn’t hit by the hijacked plane wouldn’t radar have later pick up the plane flying. Was that radar blocked?



Jesse Ventura mentions the pilot during training had difficulty flying a Censa, that it was almost impossible this pilot could have maneuvered the turn necessary to hit the Pentagon. That reminds me of Timothy McVeigh who was alleged to have brought down the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Building on April 19, 1995 leaving a bomb loaded van in front of the building: several early news following the bombing reported McVeigh, shortly before the bombing, had difficulty setting off small explosives on a ranch property. But miraculously the van McVeigh left in front of the Oklahoma building apparently had several 50 gallon drums of fertilizer explosives linked together, perfectly synchronized to explode. Just months prior to the  (Oklahoma Bombing), the “1995, Anti-Terrorist and Death Penalty Act was introduced.” The 1995 act included many provisions from the failed to pass 1993 “Crime Control Act” introduced before the first Trade Center bombing. After the Oklahoma federal building was bombed, Congress had almost no public resistance passing the “1996 Anti-Terrorist and Death Penalty Act that included provisions from the failed “1993 Crime Control Act.” For example: under the 1996 Anti-Terrorist and Death Penalty Act, prosecutors could use Secret Hearings, secret paid informants, secret testimony, secret witnesses and other hidden evidence to convict U.S. Citizens for terrorist acts. Defense against government terrorist charges, even against the Death Penalty became difficult if not possible; the passed legislation was particularly alarmingly because U.S. Police/Government routinely pay and make deals with informants to provide court testimony. Most Provisions that failed to be included in the 1996 Anti-Terrorist and Death Penalty Act were subsequently passed in the 2001 Patriot Act—that included Congress giving Government the power to (retroactively go back several years to arrest U.S. Citizens and seize their property based on a mere Preponderance of civil evidence, little more than hearsay.


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