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Amendment Would Enable States to Repeal Federal Law

• NY Times
The same people driving the lawsuits that seek to dismantle the Obama administration’s health care overhaul have set their sights on an even bigger target: a constitutional amendment that would allow a vote of the states to overturn any act of Congress.

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The Republican constitutional amendment is also aimed to stop the Government from becoming bigger. Obama should not turn our society into an Islamic socialism under a stronger and bigger Marxist form of government. Instead, the Republican leadership would make the power of corporations more expansive, much bigger and stronger than they already are today versus the Government. Reminds you of Mussolini's corporate Italy ran by the National Fascist Party just before WWII ... just about the right time the Nazis needed an accomplice to carry out their agenda for world domination.

In the United States, the Dems and their Progressive and Liberal accomplices are against corporate power to rule the land. To stop this ambitious agenda of hawkish Republicans now back to power following their victory in the last mid-term election, Obama wants a Kremlin-type of central government much bigger and more powerful than Mussolini's corporate Italy to protect the interest of the socially and economically disadvantaged from being bulldozed by the juggernauts of capitalism. Socialism under Islam, the dream of his father, is his answer to this corporate domination.

We are caught in the middle ... right now we the people are between the devil and the deep blue sea! No way out ...

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Global Depopulation: Republican Nightmare More Frightening Than Obama 2012?
New World Order
Politcally crippled when he lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives, left-leaning Obama is desperate to get re-elected. Starting next year he could create chaos and declare Martial Law.  But is the Republican nightmare more horrifying …  Read Letter Written by bakadude of Letter: 2010-12-08 … but before that read this first:

The American public had dubbed members of the outgoing Democratic House of Representatives acting under the baton of loony Speaker Pelosi "out-of-control lunatics", when they passed Obamacare into law, but now the incoming Republican House Leadership has an agenda of weird proposals that scare the wit out of millions of Americans across the country. One of those creepy proposals is "a constitutional amendment that would allow a vote of the states to overturn any act of Congress."

Why not just abolish Congress … same thing.

It is weird because in order to solve the problem of illegal aliens crossing the border which is encouraged and supported by the Mexican Government, it would allow Arizona to declare war against Mexico. Eventually, it would empower any State of the United States to declare war against any country without the approval of Congress. That would make our forebears roll in their grave.

The Republicans on the warpath to change the Obama change of America do not only scheduled the dismantling of the Obama healthcare law but also to depopulate America by stopping immigration completely and engage in a sterilization program including euthanizing fetus in the womb of the mother through Bill Gates "vaccination population control". The whole idea is to stop the exponential increase of population on the planet. In the United States, with only a sustainable number of populations remaining or left residing in the country after this radical cut-off process, the "quality of life" is expected to improve tremendously.

This global depopulation program is supposed to be led by the United States under the new leadership of the Rparty.

You are also familiar with the lunacy of a writer here at who kept on writing about the horror of immigration and overpopulation, which he foolishly think would not only destroy the United States but also would end life on the planet. You have read my commentaries on the Frostytitution of the planet every time whackos rear their ugly head and dupe the readers into believing their hallucination that Americans should prepare for an impending population apocalypse.

Well, with regards to the Obama healthcare law, the main reason for abolishing it is that angry Republicans believed it is unconstitutional to mandate health insurance to everyone. This rational begs the question. If employers or big corporations that bankroll the Republican election campaign are not mandated to insure their employees or poor workers, it would create a huge amount of corporate savings … which means that for the Republicans and their corporate supporters, happy days are here again.

The abolition of this mandatory health insurance in the mind of angry Republicans also bullyrags an argument that the poor could not afford to insure themselves so why force them? Well, government-sponsored financial or welfare aids see to it that the poor becomes the primary beneficiary of this regulatory healthcare programs, which understandably why the Republicans wanted to abolish. The American public is not mentally retarded to fall for this petty trickery. It has nothing to do with whether or not you like Obama or whether or not you condemn or approve his administration. It’s just a form of political muscling or plain thuggery of the Republican power that would soon rule Congress.

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