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Worried scientists ask: What's wrong with our sun?

• Terrence Aym
The sun is worrying scientists. They've been quietly asking each other what's wrong with it. They've been asking that question for some time. Now their question's about to be answered. The giant is about to awaken from its abnormal slumber and scientists around the world--NASA included--are very, very concerned...

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Comment by Anonymous
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What’s wrong with the Sun? It depends what’s between you and the Sun. If you see chemtrails between you and the sun, the sun looks like NWO [New World Order]. Since NWO sunburn is excruciating, you ask spitefully … what’s wrong with you? You are getting into my skin. Leave me alone…!

Seriously, the Sun is about to unleash a devastating sun storm. First to go is our technology-based power system: our "financial systems, power grids, water plants, air travel, farming, transportation, GPS navigation of aircraft and sea going vessels...even the daily operation of government at all levels." We dread to lose everything listed except for our financial system and all levels of government operations. No regrets if we lose these two to a very angry sun storm.

We cannot tell the Sun to leave us alone. It is us that cannot leave the Sun alone. We orbit around it. The sun is like Obama who is like the NWO. Much that we want to get out of his orbit, we are stuck. Obama -- perceived by millions of Americans as the new NWO-Sun menace -- is unleashing an outburst of Islamic-socialist changes across the country. First to go is our traditional American way life we lost since 2008 … Followwww, so far?

There are more solar activities than what just meet the eye ....

Comment by Judy Staab
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What's wrong with the sun? Maybe scientists all over the globe aren't stepping out of their labs and looking up at the sky! It's been covered by massive chemicals being sprayed day in and day out! Since the hammering of chemtrails began to pick up in 1999, farmers have been concerned because of the "white-out" it causes and their crops don't grow well. Maybe these scientists should ask themselves what impact tens of thousands of tons of aluminum being sprayed daily around the earth is having in relation to the earth and sun. Didn't the "scientists" tout great concern in 2000 warning Europe it would never see snow again because of global warming? Turn on the news and you'll see how much stock we should put into what these fellows say! Probably as much as psychiatrists . . who admitted at a global conference its science has done nothing to help humankind! Time to use common sense and stop worrying about what these guys are saying and look at what's really causing the problems. If the hundreds of companies dealing with weather modification closed down -- just watch our earth return to harmony! Complete harmony. Tell them to STOP screwing with the earth's weather, and STOP pretending their gods cause they suck at it! :(

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