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Government phasing out paper benefit checks including Social Security

• First Heard Spun on Fox 10 News/researched by me

Officials have settled on the dates when millions of people will no longer be able to get their Social Security and other benefit checks by mail.....

Those already on Social Security will have until March 1, 2013 to make the switch to direct deposits or a debit card.


My Wife has a thing for Fox News.  Every morning like clockwork she has it on while she’s getting ready for work, while I’m on my laptop starting my online routine – forced to listen to the drivel, hype, and spin in the background.  Oh well, I listen to the am radio spin in the car just to keep tabs on what ‘they’ are spewing (and how they are spewing it), so no biggie, I deal with it.

This morning, I hear some talking head that shall remain unnamed here say something about how people who receive Social Security checks soon won’t be getting them in the mail anymore, and will be FORCED to commit to ‘electronic identification’ of one sort or another in order to feed and house themselves.  Of course he didn’t put it that way, but that’s what my brain heard.

WHAAA?  Did I just hear that right?  I go to Fox News dot com to verify what I just heard.


Must be really new news – the story isn’t posted there online yet.  I plug it into the Yahoo! Search engine – lots of fresh hits.  I chose the most current – out of Minneapolis.  That’s the article you get when you click on ‘read more’, but my input doesn’t end there. 

I also see this from June of this year:

and it basically has the same info!  Why is this being reported and I’m hearing about it now I wonder?  After comparing the two, there are some minor changes to the June proposal, and a two-month delay set for this year, but everything else is the same.

I’m blown away. Then I read the comments from the June article, and the biggest concern anyone had was the impact such 'paperlessness' would have on the US Postal System!
Combine that with the June article stating that 85% of all Seniors WERE ALREADY SIGNED UP and I'm speechless...

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