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Memo To South Carolina: Your Secession Is Nothing To Celebrate

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It was 150 years ago today that the State of South Carolina formally seceded from the United States, setting in motion the course of events that would lead to the bloodiest war in American history. Today, the Palmetto State’s largest newspaper reports on the controversy surrounding how some are choosing the mark the occasion:

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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I rarely see so many biased uniformed opinions in one place.(Below the full article and the article itself.)

Saying that  the Sovereign countries that formed what was supposed to be a Federalism could not leave this voluntary association created by them is like  saying that it would be OK  for the community gardening association that you created tell you that they are going to  kill you if you dare leave.
Or the babysitter that you hire to watch your kids tell you what she is going to be paid, when you are to return, etc.

The stupidly  of the American people is boundless have not any  of your read theDeclaration?

Comment by Olde Reb
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The (Northern) government control of school curricula declines to mention that the North levied high export taxes on agricultural products shipped by the South but exempted similar taxes on industrial products exported from the North. The South got tired of paying for benefits received by the North. In a word, the South was oppressed.

Looking at the current situation, it looks like the middle class is being oppressed for the benefit of an elite group of financiers on Wall Street and in DC. Maybe it is time to reconsider succession---or accept the chains of slavery.


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