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Down Argentine Way


There are many ominous parallels between Argentina and the U.S. and the question often asked is can America avoid the economic consequences that Argentina suffered from a fascist government combined with government debt and currency collapse? I believe the answer is likely NO!

"There are a lot of ways to ruin an economy. Argentina has experimented with most of them. It has devalued its currency, and revalued it. It has pegged it, and then knocked down the peg. It has regulated, controlled, inspected, taxed and confiscated. Following the 2001 crisis, earnings fell by 30% – with half the nation slipping below the official poverty line. What is remarkable is that the Argentine economy has survived at all." ~ Bill Bonner

Down Argentine Way was the 1940 film that made a star of Betty Grable, who played an attractive young woman on vacation who fell in love with a wealthy racehorse owner. The storyline actually reflected a common occurrence during the 25 years prior to the film debut.

In the early 20th century, "as rich as an Argentine" was a common expression, often used in connection with poor British aristocrats attempting to marry off their daughters to wealthy Argentinians. Argentina was indeed a wealthy nation; for example, we all know about Harrods Department Store in London. Few realize that during this period of Argentine prosperity, Harrods also ran a store in Buenos Aires.


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Comment by Lola Flores
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I so beg to differ.  There is no parallel between Argentina and the US.  Nothing!  When Argentinians realized the heap of trouble they were in, both, the middle and working class joined forces (solidarity, a non-existent word in the Amerikan lexicon), took to the streets, ousted their government and implemented a new.  In fact, they named two different presidents in as many weeks.  Dude 1 ain't working, out you go!  In with dude 2.  The workers took over factories that had been bankrupt by their greedy owners and made co-ops out them.  They fixed their mess themselves.  The US will never, ever in a million years will do that.  Nobody has either the balls or the brains to pull such a move.  Face it, Amerikans are lazy, fat, stupid and brainwashed.  Nothing can be expected from such inferior animals.  All that is left to do is get out of the way so that when the Empire falls, it doesn't do it on you.  It's every man for himself now!

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