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Twenty police respond to man playing with crossbow in his backyard, seize house

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A scuffle outside a Lincoln, Nebraska mobile home turned into a demand to search inside the home after the homeowner was arrested for allegedly assaulting police. Gary Grana was initially accused of shooting a bow and arrow inside city limits after a neighbor called police. The police came to the home and demanded Grana's ID, and according to events featured in a youtube video, Grana believed police had no just cause to demand his ID. The video, posted by youtube user

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Comment by mama beri
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If anyone would like to donate to the Gary Grana Defense Fund here is a link to the video which has the link to the paypal account in the description.  Thank you.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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If somehow justice is ever served on these bastards, I will come out to witness their execution.  And probably not be able to supress a big grin on my face.

 I am soooooo tired of seeing nothing but injustice from so called courts and law enforcement.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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It is things like this that the second amendment was put in place for.  Our forfathers would have declared war on these treasonous bastards well before it got this far along.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Fascist nazi thugs at it finest. I guess the victims should be glad that they were not murdered in the process that the dens of corruption, (courts) would have condoned and supported. Here's another text book example of text book fascism.


Strasser Story & The Sunny Crest Farm


 Sheriff's Deputies Establish
NAZI/Gestapo Police-State
in Yamhill County Land Dispute.

Yamhill County Sheriff's Deputies Embraced NAZI like Gestapo Police-State Tactics on “Friday the Thirteenth” of November, when they moved to plunder, steal and destroy a man's property, all while that man was attempting to settle the dispute lawfully in a court proceeding. Later evidence indicates that this court proceeding was nothing more than a dog and pony show, set up to fraudulently deceive this man, Ronald Kenneth Strasser, and Co-Plaintiffs Rod Souza and Charles Bruce Stewart, into believing that there might actually be some token respect for Constitutional-Law  or due process in the courts any more.
Between the hours of 2:45 PM and 5:20PM, on “Friday the Thirteenth”, and while Ronald and his co-plaintiffs were in court seeking security of Ronald's property and his life, Yamhill County Sheriff's Deputies and Oregon State Police Officers were following their orders with the same kind of blinded and lawless-obedience as would make Adolph Hitler Proud of his Gestapo Agents. There-by, they invaded Ronald Strasser's home and 5 acres of property at Sunnycrest Road in Newberg Oregon. There-on, these Constitutionally-Illiterate and completely Conscienceless Gestapo-like drones Completely Destroyed Ronald's well-built Barns, they confiscated all of his personal belongings, they stole the modest travel-trailer home he was living in by towing it off of the property to a secret location, with all of his personal belongings there-in. They stole and towed to the secret location Ronald's truck, his car, and his horse-trailer; and also co-plaintive Charles Stewart's car which was parked on the property while they were all at the court proceeding. Also stole and moved to the secret location were Ronald’s much loved four horses.
This all took place during court proceeding, which in hind-sight was created for the specific purpose of diverting us from the NAZI-like Criminal Police-State Tactics which were being used to pillage and plunder Ronald's property. What started out as an attempt by the Agents and Members of the deceptively mis-named and Foreign "Oregon State Bar-Association" in Washington & Yamhill Counties to steal Ronald's 5-acre parcel of land under the color of law, had been transformed through our own "State-Ex-Rel Quo-Warranto Criminal Racketeering Complaint", into a Major Criminal-Racketeering-Conspiracy case against the entire "Oregon State Bar Association".
All of the documents which we have filed in this precedent-setting case are available on the internet, here:

The Bar-Association, the Attorney General on behalf of a Judge, and the other Defendants, had all joined in their filing of a "Motion to Dismiss" our Criminal Racketeering Complaint against them, in this proceeding in the "Yamhill County Court House" in McMinnville Oregon. The court hearing had been re-scheduled twice, as the result of a single motion to change the time by the Bar-Association's attorney. The new hearing date was scheduled for the 13th of November, 2009, at 3:30 pm, in Room 241.. Because of our general feelings that things were not right in the way this case was all coming together, we motioned to set over the proceeding to a later date. Our motion for this set-over  of course was denied. We now know that our apprehensions were correct; and that very serious evil was perpetuated against the People of Oregon, Ex Rel, on this “Friday the Thirteenth” date.
We were “Set Up” from the very start. The first concern Charles addressed in the hearing was the problem of our not having enough time to deal with all the issues that had been raised in the case, since the hearing was starting at 3:30pm. The co-conspirator judge John Collins assured us that we had all the time we needed to present our case. It is now obvious to us that judge Collins was just pretending to be concerned about a fair hearing for us, only to keep us there for as long as was necessary for the Yamhill County Deputy Gestapo Agents to finish their pilferage.
It is now clear to us that this court proceeding was a total sham which was scripted out well in advance. Part of the scam obviously was to keep Ronald busy while the county pirates completed their criminal police-state acts of robbing, stealing and destroying Ronald’s life. We noticed from our entry at the court house that it and the court room of our hearing had an ab-normal number of evasive and/or hostile looking sheriffs deputies. Several of them accompanied us right to the front door after serving their notice on us that Ronald had been evicted from his home.
Ronald is handicapped in that years ago his right leg was crushed in a traffic accident. As the result of this criminally lawless eviction, this handicapped man was left with only four dollars in his pocket and the cloths which he was then wearing.
The plot thickens. After several hours on the phone trying to find out where all the stolen property was taken, including Charles car, the only answers that were given to any of us by the Sheriff’s Deputies were to talk to Attorney Mary Helen Sherrett. From their words, it seemed to us that we could access the property that evening. However; the YAMHILL COUNTY SHERIFF'S Deputies were either purposefully deceiving us, or else they were being used as mindless-dupes for the higher-powers, because Ms Sherrett refused to answer any of our calls until the following Monday. They had this all planned right down to the last minute to inflict as much misery, pain and suffering as possible on us all.
When Ronald and Charles were finally driven by a friend to Ronald’s property, it was about 6pm and dark. There we counted nine Yamhill County Sheriff’s Cars, and one Oregon State Police car. We estimated the number of Sheriff’s Deputies at 25, which included at least one woman Deputy. All of these deputies formed a line of force across the gate to Ronald’s property, and at least three of these deputies had M-16 style assault rifles. All evidence indicates that they were mentally prepared to kill us if we attempted to retrieve Ronald’s farm or voiced our outrage too strongly. They refused to explain their “Basis in Law” for their actions, other than the Nuremberg Explanation of “I’m Just Following Orders”, for which the Nazi Leaders were hung by the necks until dead in that WW2 War- Crimes Trial. Ronald and Charles yelled and pleaded for them to mitigate the damage then continuing in the destruction of Ronald’s Barn, and for them to tell us how we could retrieve our stolen property. While some of the Deputies were much less hostile than the others (thank you) they all refused to provide any insight into how we might mitigate the damage then being done to our lives.
This was a play out of the same fascist script followed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War, back in the 1940’s, a textbook example of history repeating itself right here in Yamhill County Oregon. The only element left out was shooting someone, soon to come. Many of us now familiar with this case consider this entire event to be a Hostile Foreign Military form of action, all of which is Constitutionally-Recognizable as “Conspiracy to Commit Treason”. If they can do this kind of a Planned Military Assault on Ronald Strasser, they can do it to any Oregonian. We the People of Oregon Must Organize to Effectively and Lawfully Fight these Evil Injustices. 
This was a “Class Action” form of a Complaint, State-Ex-Rel and Quo-Warranto, that was also ruled out. Seems only the DA can file such a motion even if he is also a principal player in the Quo-Warranto complaint. In other words, there is no remedy under any circumstances in any court regardless of these far-reaching Crimes that are Affecting the Peace and Safety of Every Honest Person in Oregon. We may as well be going to the monkey guarding the banana plantation.

What happened here is an atrocity beyond words, and will get even worse as long as these criminals continue to get away with this treason.


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