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New generation of deadly Chinese missiles can now sink all US Navy supercarriers

• Terrence Aym
Patrick Cronin, a senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program that is part of the Washington, DC Center for a New American Security organization, admits the new Chinese Dong Feng 21D is designed to kill carriers—specifically US Naval carriers. “The Navy has long had to fear carrier-killing capabilities. The emerging Chinese anti-ship missile capability, and in particular the DF21D, represents the first post-Cold War capability that is both potentially capable of stopping our naval power projection and deliberately designed for that purpose.”

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Comment by Ned The Head
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And once again, activist intel is WAY ahead of any "reporting". This might be the first time I've seen the specific names of these weapons (we were calling them Sunburns), we strongly suspect Iran has them and we suspect that's the ONLY reason we haven't invaded them yet. A lot of this ordinance is highly portable, highly concealable and by comparison DIRT CHEAP. So it's possible Iran has a LOT of them and since we can't locate them or keep track of them, we can't neutralize them with air power.

We think Clinton totally screwed us by giving him the 3 Crays and yes, we've known it was 3 for a long time now. They wouldn't have been able to work out the guidance systems for another 6-8 years at least. Put 3 Crays in somebody's hands and they can tell you what God had for breakfast.

OTOH, we know the (ex) Sovs have very similar capabilities, so it's quite possible Iran would have or does have Sov ship-killer missiles BUT the Chinks wouldn't have got their hands on them. The Sovs know the Chinese a lot better than we do and they trust them a lot less than we do.

I was once criticized heavily for insisting that we have better intel than most senators or congressmen. I still believe that because they get fed the same bullshit we do but they have less critical capability than kittens. And they lie daily, are lied to daily and are instructed on how to lie daily. In this miasma, they have no more ability or desire to distinguish truth from lies than Satan himself.

It's always just so amusing to see, about 4-12 years after we know, this stuff being breathlessly broken as "news". That's all they know is the "news". We know the people that make it.

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