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Prisoners of the system: Corporate organized crime runs the system of human trafficking for profit

• The PPJ Gazette
Finding reasons to put people in prisons has become big business in the US. Beginning in the 1980’s, prisons began privatizing for profit, making that profit off the forced labor of prisoners who saw not one dime in return for their labor. John Ashcroft helped along the prisoner-for-profit program by handing down mandated prison term guidelines. The so-called justice system dutifully complied with federal mandates as money, and lots of it, began to flow from the exaggerated prison sentences. Wall Street began selling bonds on the labor of prisoners and the number of prisoners to foreign countries; bonds that were based on the length of time they could be guaranteed that prisoners would be held. Now that corporations with the help of the federal government had successfully converted prisoners into commodities to be traded globally, prisons saw an almost immediate end to actual punishment as prisoner labor was now sold to profit the corporation. Because the corporations owning a

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