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High Ranking Bilderberg Member To Join Obama Cabinet?

Altman was a general partner at Lehman, the bankrupt investment banking “service” that cooked its books and helped the banksters realize the largest one day point loss in Dow history and subsequently ushered in the engineered “perfect storm” of so-called economic distress factors that resulted in the unprecedented fleecing known as the bankster bailout delivered by Hank Paulson and duly rubber stamped by Congress. Clinton’s former deputy Secretary of the Treasury is also connected to the hedge fund investment group Blackstone. “We’ve had a very capable and good cabinet that has helped move the president’s agenda forward,” Obama’s corporate media stand-up, Robert Gibbs, told CNN today. “We have a very talented team.” Talented, indeed – for a gaggle if international banksters dedicated to realizing a one world totalitarian government and reinventing serfdom as presaged by CFR historian Carroll Quigley.

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