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Police are getting upset at being filmed, the point they are even pulling guns on reporters

• ABC Ch. 7 WJLA

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Your RIGHTS?  You have NO rights - not by God or man - if you are not able and WILLING to defend and protect them against any who would take them from you.

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My question would be...Is there an update on this case?

this video and event happen (posted) over 2 yars ago Aug. 2008. 

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Could Citizen Video Cameras Stopped The Gestapo/Nazi Government?

Harsh treatment of Citizens by local police during traffic stops and investigations, too frequently appear approved by higher ups or—police are emulating the attitude of their handlers toward the public. Expect what appears in this video to be (law enforcement intimation of Free Press) to become a daily affair, should America continue its current direction toward becoming a police state. Apparently Prince George Police dislodged this women reporter’s shoulder—twisting her arm; is this is a “glimmer” how police under martial law and fascism have treated journalists in other countries. Before the Nazis too control the press, newspaper journalists that criticized the Nazis were routinely attacked on the street, beaten in their office and had their printing presses smashed by Brown-Shirt Thugs. After the Nazis took power, Press Reporters were arrested and disappeared for articles they wrote prior.

Totalitarian governments in Central and South America e.g. Columbia/Chile police 1970-90 frequently murdered journalists in their homes and machine-gunned reporters driving to work.

Is there any reason to believe that many U.S. police would not amicably continue to work for a U.S. police state or fascist government? (Meanwhile) might the Nazis not have come to power had Germans had video cameras to record Nazi police abusing Citizens; or would the Nazis have stopped the public filming police, as U.S. Police appear intended, including intimidating the Press?

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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And your average neocon fully supports these armed  criminal thugs.

Sure all 9 cameras were not working. 

I want to see 9 cops on the stand and then in jail if they lie about it.  Treason  charges may even be applicable.  What do you think?

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Her civil rights were violated?  The  lies continue. I don't know about her but I have NO civil 14th amendment rights. Mine are God given and inalienable.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Amazing how the press gets upset about things that we little people have been putting  up with for years. Does Neimuellers poem come to mind?

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