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BlueTooth headsets are so last year. Go for the tacti-cool look throat mike for your cell phone

Perfect for Motorcycles or Armed Combat

Maybe the closest you've seen to real military combat is Call of Duty, but that doesn't mean you need to settle for second best in a cell phone headset. Do you think spec ops agents parachuting into enemy territory put up with the stock iPhone headset that picks up tons of wind noise? Not likely. Instead they use headsets based on Throat Mic technology.

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What is a Throat Mic you say? Glad you asked! A Throat Mic hugs your neck and picks up sound directly from your vocal cords. This allows for two main features. You can whisper and still be heard clearly on the other end and the person you're speaking to hears no outside sound, only your voice. Therefore a throat mic based headset is perfect to use in any noisy environment... like while laying down mortar rounds, or cruising in your convertible.

Product Features

iPhone headset cancels all outside noise and picks up a whisper Advanced throat mic technology Perfect for noisy environments Integrated iPhone answer button on cord Comfortable in-ear headset design Fully adjustable Durable combat-ready design

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I need one for... my... MOTORCYCLE! Yeah, that's the ticket.  For my motorcycle.  No other reason.  Really.

Comment by Ned The Head
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