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Bank Of America, Wikileaks & Eric Holder - What The U.S. Attorney General Doesn't Want You To Kn


It is hard to imagine a more convoluted clusterf*** of corruption. Consider it the latest chapter in the story of upside-down, post-bailout, Bizarro-World America. The US attorney general, Eric Holder, has been going hammer and tongs at the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to silence a news organization, Wikileaks, which is about to publish bombshell evidence of corruption -- and possible criminal activity -- at one of America’s largest banks. Meanwhile, Bank of America, the likely target of Wikileaks’ next big story, refuses to process payments for Wikileaks, presses on with its dirty foreclosure and and debt collection practices, and continues to lie about the value of assets on its books. At the same time, Holder has gone almost two years without mustering the courage to investigate or indict a single executive at even one of America’s largest banks. And although Wikileaks promises to lay in his lap several gigabytes of evidence that might lead to such an indictment, Holder has instead initiated “an active, ongoing criminal investigation” of Wikileaks!

But here's the question no one seems to be asking:

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