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Starchild: "We Need a Libertarian Che Guevara"

•'s Tim Cavanaugh sat down with Starchild, who recently ran forSan Francisco School Board as the Libertarian candidate, at the Libertopia 2010 conference in Hollywood. Their discussion covers topics such as the history of the libertarian movement, why San Francisco actually is a very libertarian city despite being named's Nanny of the Year, why libertarians need to look to groups such as the Black Panthers as models for political activism, and how Starchild managed to convert Tim Cavanaugh to libertarianism. 

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Comment by Ned The Head
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I think Powell has the right direction with the superhero graphic. Isn't that what we really need? A man in spandex? And women in spandex! Lots of 'em. See that's selling a lot better to me than Ron Paul dressed up as Rambo and carrying a huge automatic weapon through the jungle. Yeah we're just gonna take it out of action-drama and put it more into comedy. Go with that. Let me know what you need. Have something on my desk next week. Nice work Powell, stick around, we're having lunch.

And welcome back Lucky Red.

Comment by Hot Rod Rod
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Ian Freeman of FTL, def the che guevara of the liberty movement.

Comment by Lola Flores
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You people keep talking about Communism as if it were the second coming of Christ without having any idea what Communism is or what it does.  All I can say is that you better be careful what you wish for cause you may get it.  If you do, I can only hope that I'm as far away from it all as possible.  May god your god help you with all that.

Comment by Sam Boes
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This is sick. Guevara was a torturer, a killer, a toadie for Fidel, and all around as sick and evil as they come. The very LAST thing we need is for some one with the attitude, tactics, and morals of Ernesto Guevara to claim to be a "libertarian" and go out and "fight" for libertarianism. Brock, if you don't agree with "Sam" why not just say so instead of twisting his words to try and make him look stupid? The only person looking stupid is the one in the mirror. Your mirror.  

Comment by Ned The Head
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I can't resolve the logical contradictions here and those are my specialty. We need a libertarian Che Guevara to...give up a medical practice and run around the jungles with a knife between their teeth? It's time for Ron to "go Rambo"? I guess I like it in a Saturday morning cartoon kind of way. I dunno. I'm gonna have to see some development on that one.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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SamFox: the revolutionary war hero you've never heard of that is STILL ALIVE TODAY!

We need details, Sam.  What regiment?  Who did you fight with?  What battles were you in?  Any amusing revolution anecdotes you can share with us whippersnappers?

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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We need some one like Che like we need another Stalin, Mau or Hitler. Che was a mass murder. I suggest that if Starchild is serious he come up with another comparison, like George Washington,  B Franklin, Patrick Henry or another US  revolutionary . Che's revolution led to a despot tin horn dictator & a form of govt that stinks on ice.

 The ONLY revolution that I ever heard of that actually led to freedom & liberty, at least for a while, was OURS.Che was a much worse version of Charles Manson.


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