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US declined to investigate suspected Mossad assassination, cable shows

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The US government lied about a request from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to probe the death of a Hamas military leader, according to a recently released US State Department cable from secrets outlet WikiLeaks.

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was assassinated in a Dubai hotel in January 2010. Dubai officials have long suspected Israel intelligence agency Mossad was behind the killing and Israel has never denied responsibility.


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Comment by Andrea Severson
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Hi McElchap #01027 - Great post and all so true.  These illegal invaders are

usurpers of our constitution and country and it is the citizens God given right

to mete out justice and rid America of the parasites.  Restore national pride

in all things American- screw NAFTA.

Thank you for the moral booster and direction.



Comment by David McElroy
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 Well!  Don't you know Israel is ALWAYS beyond reproach and righteously justified as "God's Chosen People"?  Don't you know America must bow before the Illuminati's Israeli tools?  Many prominent leaders of Israel, even rabbis, say no court outside Israel may judge one of their Jewish people.  Even mild rational criticism of Jews or Israel is considered "Anti-semite", by Foxman's Anti-Defamation League, even when based upon undisputed facts.  Of course, their Semite neighbors, the Arabs, are nothing more than animals to be evicted or exterminated in Gaza and other places they find them. The Talmud, in fact, advocates Jewish domination of the world, as we "goys" are no more than cattle for their service to be exploited, deceived, robbed, raped, and killed at will with the blessings of their rabbis. Have you ever heard a Jew apologize for anything?

Why are so many dual citizen Israeli-Americans in high officers of our government? Why does AIPAC have so much clout in Washington D.C.? Why are so many media and movie moguls, bankers, and CEO's Jewish? Why were Israelis dancing for joy after 9/11 in 2001? Why have murderously apartheid practices in Israel been ignored by so many? Why has televangelist John Hagee agreed not to even mention Jesus Christ when among Jews, and renounced Jesus as the Messiah of Jews? Why has the Israeli Chief Fascist said he would gladly nuke the whole world if Israel was threatened? Why has Israel remained unchallenged as a threatening nuclear power while Iran is threatened for it's commercial electric nuclear power even after many inspectors declared Iran has no nuclear weapons program?  Iran signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has submitted to UN inspections, Israel has not. What horrible blackmail is Tel Aviv holding over the District of Criminals?  Remember the Mossad's motto: "By stealth..."


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