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Validating Identity To Vote - How DARE You?

Why bring this up? Is this a situation your state shares with Wisconsin? Can anyone walk into a voting area and vote where you live? Can you imagine how there might be corruption in a system that allows this to happen?

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Comment by drscoundrels
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After seeing your comment in another article of mine, I wonder if you are saying this in humor or to shoot down a concern that should be had in this country that there are people that are more than likely being allowed to vote and possibly swing elections by doing so.

If you believe that it is no big problem, I would suggest you talk to folks in states other than Wisconsin.

If you think that American citizens being able to be the only ones who should vote in this country when there are no other countries that allow illegals or visitors of any kind to vote in any other country is stupid or somehow laughable, I would imagine I know which end of the political spectrum you are on.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Oh, like they actually count all those votes them Canucks who are sneaking across to vote on their way to our medical care facilities.